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Masters of the Dance with wonderful choreography of Festival “Pirin Folk” - Sandanski 2019

Sunday, September 1st, 2019

The competition evening of XXVII th edition of Pirin Folk Festival was held in front of big audience. It was a meeting of artists, contractors and lovers of Macedonian song. It was the first time that “Masters of the Dance” took part in preparation of all of the choreographies for the festival.

They had prepared more than 40 choreographies, 30 of them was showed in the competition evening. It was divided in two competitions parts – copyrighted and executive art. There were 15 songs which took part in each of them. All of the choreographies were specially prepared for the Festival by “Masters of the Dance”. The dancers have been making the choreographies all summer in three counties in the same time – Bulgaria, France and Rumania.

Tomorrow is the Gala evening in which beginning, the audience will see Kukerski dance. After that we will understand the winners of the festival. Raiko Kirilov, Iordanka Varjiiska and Radostina Paniova will be special guests. Their performances will be supported by the dances of “Masters of the Dance”.