Dance classes

Урок по народни танци

All of you who love art and want to run away from the daily stress

are welcome to join our groups.

Amateur groups

The groups are organized for amateur levels for beginners and advanced. Our qualified teachers will help you develop your potential skills in dancing. While you are enjoying the rhythms of Bulgarian folk dances, you will meet many new friends, will keep your body tonus high and will have an emotional experience. All Schools Masters of the Dance are part of the show agency Art Masters. We work and represent the leading agencies worldwide. This enables all the dancers to travel and visit beautiful places, while they are dancing. Amateur groups Masters of the Dance participate in various festivals in Bulgaria and abroad. For all who want to continue dancing professionally we are offering to join the professional dance formation Masters of the Dance.

Schedule for dance classes, Amateurs

Kids groups

Children’s School Masters of the Dance is for children from 5 to 14 years. These young dancers are the potential of professional dance formation Masters of the Dance. There they can do the training for The National School of Dance - Sofia, The Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts - Plovdiv and all other schools with advanced learning of dance and choreography. Classes in folk dancing for children is an additional way for their nurture and discipline. In schools we aim to develop their skills using interesting methods. Children participate in various concerts and festivals in Bulgaria and abroad. When they move to the performing group Masters of the Dance, they will have the opportunity to participate in major international cultural forums, in various television shows and clips. Only in 2009, four dancers from the performing group Masters of the Dance started studding in various universities in the country.

Schedule for dance classes, Kids

Individuals classes

Show agency Art Masters wants to offer the most convenient way of training to its customers. We also offer individual lessons and packages for companies. For all managers and owners that want to offer something original to their employees, we offer special promotional packages for dance lessons. Training can be conducted in the halls of Art Masters or in the office of company.

If you want to organize a time for relaxation of your employees, please contact us.

Special discounts for 10 people groups. Individual training sessions are for everyone who is expecting an important event and want to show himself on the dance floor. For couples who want to be original in their most important day – their wedding, we offer a special choreography of the first dance. All activities and the time schedule are consistent with the requirements of our clients. For specific request, please contact us. Show agency Art Masters offers individual training for anyone who is applying in Art schools. Trainings are conducted by high qualified teachers of choreography and acting. We are doing individual training plan for each candidate.

For specific request, please contact us.

Map of the places for dance classes (click on the map for larger version)


Sofia, 131 Hristo Botev blvd, 2 floor (the entrance is on Kozluduy str)


Sofia, Slatina dist, 32 Geo Milev str, 93 High School "Al. Teodorv-Balan" (sports hall)


Sofia, Slatina dist, 35 Slatinska str, 148 High School "Lyubomir Miletich" (sports hall)


Pernik, Iztok distr, 2 Klement Gotvald str, 10 Primary School "Aleko Konstantinov" (sports hall)


Dragichevo, Community Centre "Probuda" (in the city-hall)

P r i c e s
Amateurs Kids
10-th High School, Pernik, Level 1 4 lv/h 10-th High School, Pernik, 15 lv/month
10-th High School, Pernik,  Level 2 4 lv/h Dragichevo 15 lv/month
8-th High School, Pernik,  Level 1
4 lv/h 8-th High School, Pernik 15 lv/month
9-th High School, Pernik,  Level 1
4 lv/h Kidrergarten Brezica, Breznik 15 lv/month
9-th High School, Pernik,  Level 2 4 lv/h 93-th High School, Sofia 30 lv/month
Dragichevo 4 lv/h 148-th High School, Sofia 30 lv/month
Art Academy, Sofia 8 lv/h

93-th High School, Sofia 6 lv/h

148-th High School, Sofia 6 lv/h